Hippomini is not
just a Danish celebrated reseller

Hippomini is not just a Danish celebrated reseller and supplier of educational technologies. We are a highly specialised datadriven marketing agency with the creative ressources, network and deep market insights to drive our partners ambition and performance to excellence.
We continue to partner up with important stakeholders in the B2G segment in both Denmark and abroad. Our position has now advanced into high level government advisory on disruptive innovation and education.

The spring of 2016 we launched a makerspace campaign aimed at primary and lower secondary education. We entered the market in Germany and helped three disruptive edtech startups to market while partnering up with important stakeholders in education, both in Denmark and abroad.

We have rigorously increased market pressure while pushing for deep educational transition, gathering listeners, spokespeople and policymakers around the same idea: That education can change and adapt to the needs of the 21st century. We support and share knowledge with educational frontrunners, and exchange ideas at the numerous fairs, workshops and conferences that we attend and contribute to. 

Our client database is a loyal and growing community of buyers in the private and public educational sector, who want to integrate technology and creative learning. We are proud of our close collaboration with learners and educators, government stakeholders and partners, and we know how to navigate the educational markets. We are still increasing our momentum, reinventing the future of learning with technology, ultimately creating educational economy for our clients via innovative, technology-infused learning environments.

We are on the strong end of a supply chain, and this spring we are expanding into the European markets. We are currently seeking out strategic partners to venture and grow with us, and we offer exciting advantages and brand synergies. As we are on par with market developments with a strong go-to-market strategy, we can position, showcase, and sell your products. As a part of the Makerspace by Hippomini section at The Danish National Educational Fair, you can target the educational market directly.

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